*incl. COVID19

Sanity System Ozone Generator

*Sanity System was tested and certified to be 99,9% effective in the elimination of the COVID19-virus.

Sanity System devices were independently tested in accordance with EU standards EN14476 and EN17272 in a biosafety 3 laboratory at the internationally recognized Medical University of Padua. The ozone technology from Sanity System is the only one in the world to have been scientifically validated as effective against the virus. (99.9% effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID19.)

> The study is available upon request

Sanitization in car dealerships

Many dealerships all over the world are already using our ozone generators on a daily basis and they provide with this sanitization additional service and safety to their clients.

Body Repair Garage

Sanitization for automotive body repair shops and garages

Autoschadeherstelbedrijven en garages krijgen te maken met het probleem van chemische luchtjes in het voertuig na uitgevoerde herstellingen en reparaties. Ontsmetting met ozon is de perfecte oplossing, omdat het alle nare luchtjes effectief verwijderd en het gevoel bij de klant oproept ""een nieuwe wagen"" terug te krijgen.

Taxi Rental

Sanitization in taxis and rental cars

Taxis and rental cars are being used intensively by many people in a short period of time. While viruses and bacteria left behind pose a direct risk to the next customer's health, cigarettes smoke and body odor also leave a negative impression. Sanitization with ozone is the easiest way to solve both problems in just 22 minutes.

Bus Company

Sanitization in busses and public transport

Ozone sanitization of busses and other public transport vehicles is the perfect safety measurement and an additional argument for your client to travel with you. Thanks to the bigger machine SanyPlus, you can sanitize spaces up to 400 m3.

Transport Company

Sanitization of trucks and vans

Improve the safety of the working environment of your employees and reduce the risk of illness (COVID-19 and other viruses, allergies and bacterial Infections)


Sanitization as extra service in car wash centers

If you offer interior cleaning in your car wash, treatment with ozone is a must. Because a pure surface cleaning will in most cases not be sufficient as bad smells will always return. Only the sanitization of the interior along with the air conditioning system guarantees a long-term clean and fresh interior.

Sanity System Sanitization Ozone


  • It is proven to be 99,9% effective againt COVID-19
  • It removes bacteria, mites, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts, pollens and it eliminates viruses
  • It removes the bad smell of smoking, animal fur, mold, perspiration and cooking smells
  • It destroys volatile residue of chemical detergents
  • It repels infesting insects such as flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, ants and bedbugs
  • It is the most effective and ecological way of sanitizing a car.


It is the only system world wide which was independently and scientifically tested and validated as most effective against the virus COVID-19 by 99,9%.

It is the most secured and timesaving technology, thanks to the OZONE-reconverter. The reconverter reconverts the hazardous ozone molecules back into harmless oxygen at the end of each sanitization cycle. This means, you can use the car instantly after the treatment and don't need to wait for hours, till the ozone molecules evaporate.

  • The most effective generators from Sanity System have a perfectly balanced sanitization cycle. They generate the perfect amount of ozone and neutralize it afterwards completely, in no time. The average car cycle takes completly only 22 minutes.
  • It is the first choice of professionals. Sanity System is already for years in use at many dealerships and other organizations worldwide (such as VW, Peugeot, Jaguar, KIA and many more).
  • Sanity System generators work without chemicals and have no filters or other consumables that need regular replacement. As a result maintenance costs are very low. The userfriendly technology offers 3 programs that allow to sanitize small, bigger and big spaces. Just put the generator in place, choose the program and push the START BUTTON... the generator will do the rest. No additional labor costs!
  • It comes with a great marketing package, with flyers, hardboard posters, sanitation certificates and stickers to make your clients aware of this new service you offer. The marketing package is available in many different languages.
  • Become a member of the Sanity System family, and get registered as an official service point on the Sanity System website.


Sany Car Ozone Generator

Sany Car

The ideal ozone sanitisation device for the interior and air-conditioning system of all vehicles up to 50m3.

Sany Med Ozone Generator

Sany Med

The ideal ozone sanitisation device for small to medium spaces up to 80m3.

Sany Plus Ozone Generator

Sany Plus

The ultimate in Ozone Sanitisation for medium and large spaces up to 400m3.

Apart from the automotive industry, Sanity System generators are also used in medical areas (ambulances, medical practises and hospitals), in scientific areas like laboratories, in government places, including the Italian Senate, and in public places and institutions like schools, care and retirement homes, restaurants & bars and many more.

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